Expos back as K-Print set to run in September

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The print industry's first actual exhibition since the onset of Covid six months ago will take place in Seoul, with K-Print scheduled to open its doors next month.

Print expos are back: Print21 editor Wayne Robinson at K-Print 10 years ago
Print expos are back: Print21 editor Wayne Robinson at K-Print 10 years ago

K-Print is scheduled to run 2-5 September at the Islan Kintex Expo Centre in Seoul, with the organisers saying it will showcase the vision of the rapidly evolving printing industry.

South Korea is following a suppression strategy similar to Australia, not expecting to eliminate the virus but managing it. Print exhibitions ground to a halt around the world in March, causing shows large and small to be postponed, including the big one drupa, which is now scheduled for next April. Fespa has been postponed twice.

In line with the trend of the printing market where the printing industry is expanding and converging with various industries, K-Print will actually be six exhibitions together, with the commercial print show Kipes joined by K-Label, K-Pack, K-DigiPrint, K-Textile, and K-Sign&AD.

PacPrint next year will see three exhibitions in one, with the commercial print event PacPrint joined by wide format show Visual Impact and a label and packaging show.

Exhibitions in South Korea, which had been put on hold due to Covid-19, have been resuming since May, as the country records a decreasing number of confirmed cases. The exhibition industry has been boasting a clean track record since May with zero confirmed cases.

During K-Print 2020, seminars on topics including packaging and digital print, design and colour, smart label printing, paper, and digital printing applications will be held. Alongside the seminars, there will be on/offline programs such as an online matchmaking system, webinars, and a B2B media studio.

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