Hackers use print to steal $2.3m from Trump

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Cyber crooks stole US$2.3m from Donald Trump’s re-election fund in the swing state of Wisconsin, by manipulating invoices from four direct mail and display printers who had supplied his campaign.

Hacked: Donald Trump's re-election campign funds
Hacked: Donald Trump's re-election print invoices

The invoices and other documents were altered after the printers sent them, with the payments then made to the hackers rather than the print businesses.

The money was stolen from the state party’s federal election account, which has wildly fluctuating amount of cash in it as the campaign entered the final straight.

Printers Australia are advised to call their clients’ accounts departments, especially new clients, and check with them that they still have the correct payment details on the invoice before payments are made.

Trump took Wisconsin by less than 23,000 votes in 2016. The Republican Party called in the FBI and said the hack did not impact the campaign as it already had the print.

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