Coleman Group goes green with new solar array

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Coleman Group is doing its part in helping create a sustainable future with the installation of its new Tigo solar panel system, allowing the event signage company to use renewable energy for its operations.

The company decided to use Covid lockdowns to bring about positive changes to the company’s operations, and made the decision to take the opportunity to invest into more sustainable practices.

Installation is now underway of the 300 new solar roof panels at its Strathfield premises in Sydney, which is expected to generate around 50 per cent of the company’s energy needs.

“Sustainability is a major part of the focus for us and has been for several years, and this installation just builds off all of that, forming just one part of the bigger sustainability program we have at Coleman,” said Rod Peter, managing director of the Coleman Group. 

“Net zero is where we want to be as a company, running on a circular system, and dealing with a lot of sustainable products. We definitely have a push to become carbon neutral company.”

As laid out in its Sustainability Commitment, which has been in place for three years now, the company has introduced a range of sustainability practices designed to use renewable energy, produce less waste, and use recycled or repurposed materials.

Another key part in its sustainability initiatives is focused on the education of its staff, so they will be able to play their part, and understand what is expected from them and why.

The company also currently uses 100 per cent recycled fabric in its signage products, while waste signage they may collect through their events is collected and repurposed into bricks.

“Our long-term plan is always to become net zero, but we are making meaningful changes on a daily basis,” Peter added. 

“We are determined to fulfil our sustainability commitment and aim to progress our business from a linear to a circular economy model, and we continuously try to be innovative in this space.”

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