Forest regrowth gathering pace

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Forest growth across the world is gathering pace, making a nonsense of claims by environmentalists that print and paper is destroying the world’s trees.

Trees: regenerating

In the past 20 years new forests the equivalent of the size of France, or twice that of Victoria and Tasmania combined, have regrown, according to a study by the World Wildlife Fund, which used satellite data to create a map of regenerated forests.

Forest regeneration happens naturally, with little or no human intervention, which typically involves doing nothing at all, to planting native trees, fencing off livestock, or removing invasive plants.

However, the WWF said deforestation was still occurring, and said governments must be vigilant against illegal activities.

Paper for commercial printing in ANZ is almost all from pulp, which comes from plantations that are carefully managed and whose owners plant more than they cut down, so ensuring they have a viable business the next year.

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