Soaring shipping sending prices upwards

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Printers are facing increased costs as soaring shipping charges send prices of many consumables, including paper, up again.

Under pressure: shipping costs
Print price rises: soaring shipping costs

Ball & Doggett, has just introduced a range of rises across its products, with Spicers set to increase its prices "imminently", and others sure to follow.

Shipping is becoming a major issue, as capacity is constrained, and availability is dictated by spot pricing, which does not favour Australia or New Zealand. In recent weeks US traders have been outbidding everyone else, sending a significant amount of capacity that would have come here over to the States instead.

Freight costs have risen by double digit percentages cent in just the past month, on what were already sky-high prices that have doubled, tripled or quadrupled over the past year. Local merchants are having to pay at least $3000 or $4000  more for their containers this year than a year ago.

Tony Betrand, marketing manager at Ball & Doggett said, "US companies are paying top dollar, which is causing vessels to be diverted from coming from Singapore to Australia over to the States." David Martin, CEO at Spicers, said, "It's hard to keep up with changing prices, but we can't see them going down anytime soon, rather they look set to keep rising."

Industry suppliers have told Print21 they are confident of meeting demand, including an expected surge when lockdown ends in Sydney and Melbourne later this month, and retailers look to meet pent-up demand, the travel industry kicks into gear, and combined with Christmas, which the industry is hoping will see print volumes rise strongly.

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