Top printers back employee vaccination schemes

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TRMC has garnered industry support from its largest employing members to support an industry initiative for federal government to support the vaccination roll-out across the industry.

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Covid-19 vaccinnaiton support: Printers

TRMC membership includes the largest print and supply groups across Australia and New Zealand, which provides a solid footing for an industry voice into discussions in Canberra. Reaching out to its top twenty employment member companies, TRMC accrued support across the top five within hours. “As an industry we are one of the largest manufacturing employers across the country, and when the Federal government called for industry support, we reached out to our largest employing members.

“I was overwhelmed by the immediate support, we had companies responding within hours and I want to thank those who have acted so quickly. This allows us to have our communications into government for the broader Australian industry discussions today,” commented Kellie Northwood, CEO, The Real Media Collective.

At this stage the vaccination roll-out will be explored in Canberra with guidelines to be implemented. Led by L t Gen John Frewen and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, it will review plans to use workplaces to improve the rollout, most likely using a similar model to how flu vaccinations are provided to employees, as the government looks to the end-of-year sprint, in the latest reset to Australia’s vaccination campaign.

TRMC has been keen to highlight no employees will be mandated to be vaccinated, rather a choice for on-site vaccination similar to many programmes already offered by industry across the annual flu jab programme operating across States and Territories.

“Whilst still finalising our numbers, the companies already supportive and those keen to finalise support, pending overseas head office approval, see within a week of discussions 10,000 employees being supported by proposed initiatives. Employees will always have choice across such programmes, however this provides industry commitment to support employees with their choice,” concluded Northwood.

Should any companies wishing to support the initiative or obtain more information please contact

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