TRMC stays in black in Covid year

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For the Covid year to June industry association The Real Media Collective saw an increase in members, while income took a hit through the cancellation of its events thanks to the health orders surrounding the pandemic, but it remained in the black.

Print is essential: Kellie Northwood
Maintained committment: Kellie Northwood

Overall income was $530,000 below budget at $724,000. Operational costs were 23 per cent lower, but retained earnings were also lower. However, end of year results show Cash at Bank $50,000, a 49 per cent increase on budgeted expectations.

Subs from new members were 46 per cent above the previous year, with the bulk of those members small and medium sized businesses

Four members have been elected to join the board: Simon Carmody, Spot Productions (QLD); Rodney Frost, The Lamson Group (NSW); and APIA representatives Craig Brown, Sappi; and Tony Bertrand, Ball & Doggett.

TRMC says the implementation of Charles Watson, GM – IR, Policy & Governance to provide workplace relations services for members throughout the year was provided without extra cost to commercial members, however did deplete prior year retained earnings. The FY20 retained earnings were scheduled to use across FY21, to fund the incoming resource and expansion of Association services.

“We have always maintained a commitment to reserve member funds for times when our members need them most. The implementation of an industrial and workplace relations service for our members last year was a fitting reason during a global pandemic. Most pleasing, is that from the current member subscription period we have seen several existing members increase their membership to include IR and also many new members come on board wanting to work with Charles and the team across workplace matters for their businesses,” commented Kellie Northwood, CEO, The Real Media Collective.

Throughout the year TRMC has increased communications and services to industry and members issuing Business Support reporting, vaccination initiative programme, commercial tenancy negotiation advisory, employee communication templates, Australia Post regulation relaxations, lockdown notices and interpretations, mental wellness communications and more to support members across the challenges of Covid.

“Given the extremely difficult eighteen months, TRMC has increased our delivery to members, and maintained a positive financial position. The flexibility to adjust the operational costs of running the association, whilst bringing the addition of a senior executive in Charles Watson, is a testament to the team and on behalf of the Board I thank them for their tireless work,” commented Matt Aitken, chairman, The Real Media Collective.

The focus is now to the future however, with the Real Media Awards about to be launched as well as planning for government engagement across the National Manufacturing & Recycling Roadmap, South Australia Apprentice training review and the new board officer appointments.

“I welcome the additional board officers, already having held one board meeting together, their input has opened opportunities for our broader membership and I look forward to working with them more closely in the coming months. We are still reviewing candidates from other States, so if there are any members interested in becoming more involved, please contact the team,” concluded Aitken.

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