Candidate: Ganapathy Shankar

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Ganapathy Shankar is currently working as an associate print manager in Ernst & Young (EY), India, and is looking for a  job opportunity in NSW, Australia.

Shankar holds a valid Permanent Resident Visa and is scheduled to relocate permanently to Sydney on the 10 March, 2019.

Shankar has a Bachelor’s degree and Diploma in Printing and Media Technology from India (formal 6 years of print education) and holds around 12 years of experience in the corporate/commercial print sectors, working with and managing multiple stakeholders and accounts.

He also has a full understanding of process work flows, production, analytics, project management and stakeholder management, as well as having a track record of learning and excelling in new publication software as needed.

Shankar's key strengths include:

  • Outsourcing print jobs, project management, vendor management, estimation cost & time (offset/digital/screen), production and international dispatch management (experience in handling up to 75 countries)
  • Responsible for running large volume offshore/onshore operations for print - i.e. print management and development of all packaging and colour validation
  • Managing work include creative services management, project management, resource management, production workflow management
  • Technical project management for a specific account or a portfolio of accounts within the Design-to-Print process for printed packaging or other materials
  • Providing technical consultancy and advanced print management solutions to the assigned accounts and serving as a key technical contact
  • Providing clear, detailed and comprehensive technical briefings to the production team to execute the production efficiently and without disruption
  • Proficient with MS-Office suite, Adobe packages.

If you have a position available for Ganapathy Shankar and his extensive experience in the print industry, please contact him at or call +91 94460 57961.

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