Latest Podcast: It's Been A Big Month In Print

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May was certainly A Big Month in Print. In this latest Print Files podcast, industry insiders Wayne Robinson and Lindy Hughson dissect the big stories, issues and trends emerging in ANZ print during the month.

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The episode opens with a discussion of Amazon's new printing plant being established in Western Sydney, and its potential implications for the ANZ book printing industry. The focus then switches to newspapers, with analysis of the two big stories this month highlighting the rapidly evolving sector, with ACM's closure of its North Richmond plant and the impact on small and rural newspaper publishers, while the Today Group have re-opened a former News Corp printing site.

May: Hughson and Robinson analyse A Big Month In Print

The discussion moves on to the commercial world, with Ovato's ongoing travails due to the drop in catalogue production, and then considers the implications and controversies of print businesses coming out of administration and back into the market thanks to the DOCA.

Packaging has been a bright spot throughout Covid, we look at the latest Amcor figures., which then leads into a review of the world's biggest graphic arts user event Dscoop, including a review of the encouraging outlook by five leading Sydney printers, who all cited packaging as a growth area.

Dscoop was online this year, but in-person events are returning in Australia with Lindy and the Print21 team attending the Women in Print breakfast in Sydney. Lindy relates the key learnings from the event, particularly regarding the importance of print business owners and managers maintaining good mental health.

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