Colour Graphics releases Oris X-Gamut

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Colour Graphics Services will be launching its CGS-Oris X-Gamut – a precision software system to take full advantage of extended gamut colour in sets, in both conventional and digital presses and printers – at PacPrint, running from 28 June to 1 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

According to the company, with the increasing demand for extended gamut colour reproduction across all disciplines – offset, digital, flexo, gravure and photography – the need for precise control of seven and eight colour ink sets becomes paramount. 

Colour Graphic said this is particularly true for labels and packaging, where colours such as orange, green and violet are added to the standard CMYK process colour combination, which is commonly referred to as CMYK+X or extended gamut print. 

As a result, Colour Graphic is now a local Australian and New Zealand dealer for CGS-Oris (also known as CSG Publishing Technologies).

X-Gamut is a fully automated colour management software for extended gamut colour printing on digital and conventional presses. Spot and special colours can be accurately reproduced by using a standard fixed seven or eight colour ink set (CMYK+X). 

The company said one big advantage of CMYK+X one-pass printing is that there is no need for special colour ink mixes, which streamlines the production process considerably since no press wash-up, changeover times or off-press mixing is necessary.

This results in the reduction of ink inventory and waste from seldom-used tins of specially mixed inks, resulting in X-Gamut helping to reduce costs for printers and clients alike.

David Crowther, Colour Graphic Services
 PacPrint release: David Crowther, Colour Graphic Services

“At PacPrint and after, we will be focusing on Oris X Gamut, which brings numerous benefits to commercial, packaging and labels printers,” said David Crowther, director of Colour Graphic Services. 

“With Oris X Gamut, spot/special colours can be accurately reproduced by using a standard colour ink set (CMYK+X), in seven or eight channels. The results are spectacular and we will be demonstrating this on our PacPring stand F44, and welcome both digital and conventional printers to see and try for themselves.” 

Why X Gamut?

Colour Graphic said the Oris X Gamut is not only ideally suited to reproduce spot and brand colours precisely, but also presents a perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools, enabling printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set, so that images are printed brilliantly in all detail, without the need for special inks.

This has also made X Gamut an important tool in the photographic/art printing industry, where wide format printers always have extra colours to manage and workflows tend to be RGB. 

Oris X Gamut’s key benefits are:

  • Accurate spot colour reproduction with an extended standard ink set (CMYK+X);
  • Photo printing with vivid, highly saturated colours;
  • Separation of PDF files and RGB data with special colours into multi-channel data;
  • Generation of multi-channel profiles and custom test charts;
  • Interface to standard spot colour libraries (e.g., Pantone);
  • Create and edit custom colour libraries;
  • Fast and easy creation, processing and exchange of CxF or spectral measurement data;
  • Simple handling and perfect results, thanks to wizard-based user interface;
  • Fully automated processes, thanks to intelligent workflow tools; and
  • Immediate process and quality control with Certified Intelligent automation.
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