EFI W2P webinar running tomorrow

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EFI is running the second of its web-to-print webinars tomorrow (Thursday), which will focus on making it happen despite the difficulties that are sometimes encountered.

Overcoming W2P difficulties: Ali Jaffar
Overcoming W2P difficulties: Ali Jaffar

Commercial printer Ali Ridha Jaffar, who is also VP of successful Web2Print consultancy, Syncoms, will share the secrets of his Web2Print success, while also discussing common pitfalls to avoid, on Thursday, 16 September at 9:30 am Australia Eastern Time, 11.30am in New Zealand. Click here to register.

Jaffar’s experience in eCommerce spans 15 years, and covers a range of enterprises from web design overhauls to marketing automation consulting.

Having pioneered the Web2Print initiative at the Syncoms Group, he transformed the commercial print division from a traditional printing company, to a specialist tech firm, delivering advanced Web2Print implementations.

Under his stewardship, the Syncoms Group has on-boarded a range of significant clients, ranging from government institutions to Nasdaq and Fortune-500 companies. Jaffar travels the world, spreading the word about digital storefronts, print management services and automation through webinars, blogging, and speaking engagements.

An important webinar for those struggling to get their own Web2Print strategies off the ground, Jaffar will share some common causes of failure and how to overcome the obstacles and stumbling blocks printers may encounter on the road to success, as well as discuss some Covid-recovery strategies to “help ensure your Web2Print investment grows” over the coming months and years.

EFI says this is an essential webinar for those consumed by frustration with their current Web2Print strategy or are aggravated by seemingly insurmountable dilemmas.

The webinar will run next Thursday, 16 September 16 at 9:30 am Australia Eastern Time, 11.30am in New Zealand. Click here to register.

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