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Print software developer eProductivity Software and creation platform Picsart are teaming up to bring ecommerce content and design tools to printers. Major print franchise group Kwik Kopy has already signed up for the service.

Compelling content: Sonia Shwabsky, CEO, Kwik Kopy

The companies say the partnership will bring solutions to printers of all sizes, enabling them, they say, to gain efficiency and agility. Kwik Kopy Australia has already signed up to the new service.

eProductivity Software (ePS), is the industry’s biggest MIS an d W2P developer, while Picsart is the world’s largest digital creation platform. ePS will embed the Picsart Create Editor into its MarketDirect StoreFront Print eCommerce platform, enabling access to Picsart’s full design suite, allowing print businesses to natively create and optimise designs directly on the eCommerce site.

According to the two companies, with the ePS expertise and reach in the print space, and Picsart’s leading creative tech, the partnership “promises to accelerate the growth path of ePS’ customers, unlocking new creative solutions, and business and revenue opportunities”.

Sonia Shwabsky, CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia said, “Kwik Kopy Australia is excited to partner with ePS and Picsart to bring compelling content and robust design tools to our customers. The addition of the Picsart catalogue to our Zenith platform, powered by ePS MarketDirect Storefront, will be a game-changer for how our customers can engage with our centres.” Kwik Kopy Australia has 90 print centres throughout the country, serving 60,000 customers annually.

The ePS MarketDirect StoreFront (MDSF) is a purpose-built web-to-print solution, designed for print businesses of all sizes. With what ePS says is an easy-to-use interface, and support for a wide array of print, non-print, inventory, digital, and even rental products, MDSF is, says ePS, a one-stop eCommerce shop for printers looking to grow their business and create long-lasting customer relationships.

With a complete eCommerce toolkit, including easy-to-use site-building and customisation tools, departmental cost centre and user management, payment gateway integrations, multi-carrier shipping management, and reporting tools, site administrators have, according to ePS, the tools they need to manage thousands of products and users in a secure and intuitive environment.

The integration of the Picsart Create Editor into MarketDirect StoreFront provides ePS’ customers with an extensive library of pre-designed marketing and communications templates. Rather than having to spend time creating and configuring templates, they can be online with thousands of products on day one. Users can also modify any aspect of the base design by changing text, fonts, images, shapes, and colours.

The company says advanced photo editing, effects, and AI tools “make it a breeze” to create a one-of-a-kind design in minutes. Once the design is complete, users can choose from a variety of print options like substrates, inks, and coatings; get a final proof and price; and add to cart.

Greg Shomstein, chief revenue officer at Picsart, said, “ePS customers don’t just want the ability to create personalised visual products and services, they want an intuitive and seamless process to do it, which is the key to this partnership.

“Our world-class creative tools are embedded within an easy-to-use editor, that anyone can use, enhancing the opportunity for ePS customers to grow their customer base and revenue, adding end-users with no design experience.”

Picsart is a leading photo and video editing platform that offers AI-powered tools to creators of all levels to design, edit, draw, and share content anywhere. With 150 million monthly active users, the company offers its popular image editing and processing tools to businesses through Picsart for Business, putting a breadth of creative capabilities all in one place. From pre-designed templates for print products, photo enhancement, and background removal to retouch, feature detection, content generation, and more, businesses like ePS are able to easily embed a content editor into their platform.

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