Komori launches B1 Nanographic Impremia NS40

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Komori is launching its version of the long awaited Landa nanopress, the 40” sheetfed Nanographic Printing System Impremia NS40. 

Komori launches nano: B1 sheetfed Impremia N40
Komori launches nano: B1 sheetfed Impremia NS40

The company says the new B1-size digital press is designed to “pioneer new business fields”, using Komori's full range of offset technologies, married with the nano technology. The machine is available in two configurations; four colour plus coater, and seven colour plus coater.

ANZ printers will have to wait though, as the target markets are currently only Japan, China, North America, and Europe, with plans “to launch in other markets sequentially”.

First launched at drupa nine years ago, the Landa nano technology has had a long gestation. However, Landa has put a dozen of the S10 single sided 40” sheetfed version into printers in the Japan, China, Europe and the US over the past 18 months.

It is currently the world’s only B1 digital press, with Heidelberg pulling its Primefire out of the market last year, as it narrowed its focus onto B1 and B2 sheetfed offset presses.

Komori says the new Impremia NS40 will meet growing demand for short and medium runs, including variable printing and versioning for immediate turnaround on jobs such as packages, displays and point of purchase.

Supported by Komori technologies, and with designs such as use of image transfer blankets, the press achieves B1 print speeds of 6500sph. Komori said, “As a digital offset press, the NS40 is the peak of digital presses and is made possible only by Komori."

Printheads eject aqueous Nanoink onto an image transferring blanket, which forms a thin layer. The ink then dries on the blanket and is transferred after the inner moisture has dissipated, preventing moisture from penetrating into the substrate as deeply and allowing for high-speed drying. This innovation is what allows for top-class printing speeds of 6500 revolutions.

Able to print at speeds of 6500 revolutions with no need to change plates or ink, the Impremia NS40 is aimed at short run packaging, and for jobs demanding short turnarounds, and heavy use of special colours, such as point of purchase medium runs.

It allows for the same post-press processing as with offset presses, such as offline aqueous press coating, PP lamination, board lamination, punching and folding.

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