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Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp and Electronics For Imaging are launching a new EFI Fiery print server and workflow software for two Revoria production printer models, the Revoria Press PC1120 and the Revoria Press E1 series.

Artificial intelligence: Fujifilm BI Revoria PC1120 digital colour print system
New EFI Fiery server: Fujifilm BI Revoria PC1120 digital colour print system

Sales of the new Fiery print servers for these printer models, EFI Fiery PC11 and EFI Fiery E11 respectively, will begin straight away in the Asia-Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. It is the first direct deal between EFI and Fujifilm since the Fuji Xerox partnership ended.

EFI Fiery PC11 drives the Revoria Press PC1120, the production colour printer for the high-end professional printing market, by providing “greater advantages and enhancements” to create “professional quality” prints. EFI Fiery E11 powers the Revoria Press E1 Series, a monochrome production printer for on-demand printing both for professional and office use, with “improved usability and seamless integration” across Windows and macOS business environments.

Speaking to Print21, John Henze, vice president sales for Fiery at EFI, said, “Fujifilm Revoria customers will now have the same high level of colour fidelity and consistency available to them through the Fiery rip that they would expect. EFI is the market leading rip developer, and has been for the past 30 years, and brings all that expertise to the table.”

Both Fiery print servers are equipped with Fiery Command WorkStation, in order, says EFI, to bring a familiar and easy-to-use unified interface to customers. “Customers rely on market-leading Fiery technology to deliver exceptional quality digital prints while increasing their production efficiency and profits,” said Toby Weiss, chief operating officer, Fiery Business at EFI.

“EFI is excited to partner with Fujifilm Business Innovation Corporation and broaden the reach of Fiery technology and solutions.”

Hiro Kida, corporate vice president and executive general manager, Graphic Communication Business Group at Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp said, “We are incredibly excited about the new business partnership with EFI which ensures Fujifilm Business Innovation continues to evolve within an ever-changing print industry, keeping us at the forefront of technology.

“The collaboration with EFI, and the combination of our Revoria Presses with Fiery technology, are a digital enabler for many customers with whom a Fiery workflow will accelerate their growth. We also see this as an exciting opportunity.”

Henze said, “As well as the rip technology itself, users will benefit from the world class support that EFI provides, as well as the educational materials, the resources, and the community of similar print businesses around the world.”

EFI has spent the best part of 18 months developing the new rip for the Fujifilm Revoria presses, with the rip able to work with all options available on the presses, which, in the case of the PC1120, extend to a fifth and sixth colour station, and multiple inline finishinig options. 

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