Penfolds back in charge at Kwik Kopy as execs go

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Franchise operation Kwik Kopy is restructuring its board, with the Penfold family taking control, while its CEO, CFO and training manager are all departing, as the company looks to implement significant strategic plans for the growth and success of the organisation in the new year. 

Strategy for growth at Kwik Kopy: Matthew Penfold
Strategy for growth at Kwik Kopy: Matthew Penfold

Director Matthew Penfold is taking the position of chair, with successful business entrepreneur Annalise Andrews (nee Penfold), joining the board, which also includes founder Stephen Penfold.  

Kwik Kopy senior execs including CEO David Bell, chief financial officer Wayne Stanton, and senior manager in training and development John Post, will all be leaving over the coming months, in line with, or bringing forward, their planned retirements.

Matthew Penfold said, “I’m excited about bringing in a new and dynamic era for the company, and our franchisees. We have an extraordinary history, and now we are ensuring franchisees will be part of extraordinary future."

The board has commissioned extensive strategic business analysis and development through external consultants, with the goal of creating a future-focused company built for growth and innovation.

A recruitment process will also begin early in the new year to ensure the alignment of its talent and business strategies. 

The trio who are leaving are all long term Kwik Kopy execs. Dave Bell has been CEO for the past 17 years, with John Post in his role for the past 14 years, and with Kwik Kopy for 26 years.

“I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the remarkable service David, Wayne and John have given to our business over the past many years, and it’s been an honour to work with them,” said Penfold. 

“Their contribution has been invaluable and we will forever benefit from their professional and personal support in the success of the Kwik Kopy system as a whole.”

Kwik Kopy Australia is 100 per cent Australian-owned, and has been operated by the Penfold family since 1982. The company has 90 print and design franchisee centres across the country, which support local small and medium businesses by delivering a range of services – from printing, graphic design, to innovative online solutions.

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