PhotobookShop installs new Horizon BQ-500

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Rapidly-growing PhotobookShop has installed a new Horizon BQ-500 iCE next generation perfect binder, supplied by Currie Group, to support its increasing workload.

 New at PhotoshopBooks: Horizon BQ-500

New at PhotobookShop: Horizon BQ-500

Peter Thomas, director of the Melbourne-based PhotobookShop, tells Print21, “We are a B2C business and we have thousands of clients across Australia and New Zealand, so we print and bind a lot of photobooks.”

Within its 10 years in operation, PhotobookShop has outgrown two factories, while adding 70 products to its range, and 50 new staff members to its team.

PhotobookShop is already using Horizon binding lines, Thomas said, “We needed to upgrade our older units, and it made sense to stick with Horizon for our new equipment.”

The Horizon BQ-500 iCE perfect binder is designed to increase productivity, increase automation and increase quality control over a wider range of substrates, regardless of run length, even down to book-of-one.

The company installed the new machine at its production centre in Reservoir, Vic. Thomas said, “The BQ-500 has been running really well, and we have been happy with it so far. Generally speaking, it’s been an easy transition to the new machine, and the learning curve on it isn’t too steep.”

The BQ-500 is the first perfect binder to come equipped with iCE Link, Horizon’s new cloud-based JDF workflow and job management tool. It features an improved and easy-to-use 12.1-inch touchscreen for quick setup, and ergonomic design for what Horizon says is an efficient, operator-friendly operation, and an enhanced delivery system for thin books.

Thomas said, “The installation process, which happened around mid-March, went off without a hitch, and took about a week all up to complete.”

“The training was great, the staff from Currie Group went above and beyond their standard requirements to make sure our team knew exactly what to do.”

The BQ-500 is the most productive binder in the Horizon portfolio. In addition, productivity is further increased on longer runs with decreased setup time and improved system efficiencies. It is also designed for book-of-one production runs.

The system can be configured with various options to extend capabilities, such as a cover slitting units, cover reject units, elevator units, glued book block feeders, loose sheet book block feeders, and in-line three knife trimmers.

The BQ-500 supports both EVA and PUR hotmelt glue, and two different tanks are available and interchangeable for each glue type.

Vince Pignataro, Victorian account manager at Currie Group said, “Peter operated one of our Single Clamp Horizon PUR Perfect Binders for many years, and has been more than happy with its performance. As his business has grown it made perfect sense to upgrade to the 4 Clamp Horizon BQ-500 PUR Perfect Binder. Not only is the Horizon BQ-500 the latest to the range of Horizon Perfect Binders supplied by Currie Group, but also has many features to enhance the process for producing single and multiple photobooks.

“The Horizon BQ-500 allows PhotobookShop to add the on-line conveyers directly to the Horizon HT-1000V fully auto 3 knife Trimmer which has the ability to set up book blook trimming for different sizes, without the need of any manual operator intervention. PhotobookShop will then minimise the number of touch points when producing single or multiple books.”

Pignataro is looking forward to continuing a long-term relationship with PhotobookShop in suppling Horizon products best suited to their operation.

PhotobookShop is an Australian owned and operated company that provides tools for clients to design their own photobooks, canvases, and other photoprint products from the comfort of their own homes.

The company’s free design software allows customers to become the creative genius behind crafting their own books using photos from all occasions.

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