PrintIQ to showcase latest technologies at PacPrint

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At PacPrint, printIQ will be presenting its latest release, printIQ v44, and it will be launching a new product, printIQ SBE (Small Business Edition), with visitors seeing the results of increased R+D that took place during Covid.

PacPrint launches: printIQ
PacPrint launches: printIQ

The company says PacPrint attendees will see how printIQ has “pivoted to improve the management of the supply chain, further automate key business functions to help mitigate labour resource shortages, and place estimating in the hands of customers and sales teams.”

Anthony Lew, CEO at printIQ said, “Even though the team has been locked down, the positive is that we have been able to focus more on R&D, and this latest release is a game-changer for many of our customers.”

“The print landscape has changed, there are so many new challenges that were almost unheard of a few years ago. The role of a good print management system is to observe, listen and understand these challenges. If we can then deliver a product that helps overcome these blocks, then we’re doing our job well.”

The launch of a new product, printIQ SBE (Small Business Edition) will be a focal point of the printIQ booth, Lew said. “SBE opens up the power and functionality of printIQ, tailor-made for smaller businesses. We have been working on this option for a few years now, so we are excited to be launching it into the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

PacPrint was due to take place last year but Covid led to its postponement, with the dorrs opening for four days from 28 June in Melbourne this year. "PacPrint is one of the most anticipated events of the year for us. It's a great opportunity to see all of the new technology that is available and to get inspired about all of the possibilities for our business and our customers’ businesses," says Justin Webber, printIQ sales manager. "We're delighted that tradeshows are back, and we're eager to demonstrate the latest and greatest that our company has to offer."

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