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Last Thursday marked a memorable evening as Spicers hosted the prestigious 2022 Fedrigoni Top Awards, with the event dedicated to creativity, innovation, and the boundless possibilities of print. 

Fedrigioni Top Awards: Power of print
Fedrigoni Top Awards: Power of print

The Awards were celebrating outstanding design achievements, and highlighted the enduring partnership between Fedrigoni and Spicers, the exclusive distributor of Fedrigoni's exquisite range of specialty paper. It also provided a glimpse into the intricate print production process, involving Gunn & Taylor and Press Print Digital.

One of the day's highlights was a presentation by Emilio Roccioletti and Nicolette Atkinson from ERD, who took students from various design institutions on a captivating journey.

They shared their creative process for the Spicers Fedrigoni promotion, Boundless Immersive, which began with a briefing from Spicers. From there, the students gained valuable insights into the design process, the meticulous selection of paper stocks, and collaboration with creative and print professionals, including the renowned photographer Greg Elms. 

The students were educated and inspired by ERD's creative journey, igniting their passion for design and print. Greg Elms' original photography for the Boundless Immersive promotion was also on display, showcasing mesmerising images that exemplified the limitless possibilities of print as an art form.

The heart of the exhibition featured the 2022 Fedrigoni Top Awards, which recognised outstanding projects in categories such as Corporate Communication, Publishing, Labels, and Packaging. “The Spicers Fedrigoni Top Awards are a celebration of the boundless creativity that thrives when innovative minds, exceptional paper, and unwavering passion come together,” said Cyndi Setia, Spicers marketing & design manager.

Educating designers: Fedrigionni Top Awards
Educating designers: Fedrigroni Top Awards

Kervin Valero, Fedrigoni marketing manager from South East Asia, was at the event, underscoring the global significance of the partnership. Spicers displayed an array of local and international printed projects.

The evening was also a celebration of sustainability. Spicers announced its partnership with Greenfleet, an initiative that allows the company to offset its carbon emissions through native reforestation. This commitment to a greener future was reflected in the fact that Spicers' deliveries are now carbon-neutral. More on Spicers commitment to sustainability can be found in the Spicers Sustainability Pack, Environs Volume 2.

According to Spicers, the event brought together a diverse community that passionately supports the industry and continually elevates the standards of creativity. The Spicers Fedrigoni Top Awards programme serves as a reminder that print remains an art form that can both captivate and inspire, pushing the boundaries of design and creativity.

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