Print ambassador at large Deborah Corn says the global print network is a visionary concept that, despite its flaws, should be pursued, with drupa a great starting point.

Australian Paper is the country’s only on-shore fine paper manufacturer, and known for brands such as Reflex and Tudor. Jake Nelson reports on its strong local focus and global manufacturing expertise in Print21 magazine.

In the first of a series of articles from the global mega show drupa, French print analyst Raphael Ducos, founder of, calls on printers to throw away the old baggage and embrace a change of mentality.

Customer experience consultant and print industry veteran Scott Telfer says emotions are set to play a bigger part in business than ever before.

The country’s biggest printable material distributor Ball & Doggett is launching Extract, a new stock that is made from recycled coffee cups.

Reinventing the wheel is not a recognised element in successful product development. printIQ insists it is much more than just an MIS and backs this up with the range of best in class software it delivers to the market, including UK-based Infigo for e-commerce.

Printing and the printing industry is a very different affair back in the middle of the 20th century when printing engineers Currie and Southward hang out their shingle in Melbourne in 1949.

As the skills shortage continues to bite the print industry, the nation’s biggest trade printer, CMYKhub, has taken matters into its own hands, offering a 
self-developed cadet programme for aspiring staff. Wayne Robinson reports.

Once an essential part of every university in the country, inplants have 
been in retreat from higher education, but are still prevalent in schools, lawyers offices, and in specialist areas such as the ADF. Wayne Robinson assesses the state of play.

If the press is the beating heart of any printing operation, and ink and paper its lifeblood, then software is its DNA – shaping its processes, defining how it all works and ensuring everything develops just so, as Jake Nelson found out from experts.

Much ado is made about hardware in the printing world – we spill plenty of ink on our pages about the latest and greatest presses. Yet without workflow software to efficiently feed them jobs, these shiny new machines may as well be expensive paperweights.

When long-time Fuji Xerox customer Digital Print Australia was looking for an upgrade to its iGen 4, it knew it wanted to stick with its supplier – and fortunately, the Iridesse Production Press provided everything it was looking for.

Printlink – part of Blue Star – won the Supreme Award at the 2019 Pride in Print event, held in the company's home city of Wellington, for its Oranga Tamariki Panels which were entered in the Speciality Products category.

No other sector of the industry has higher barriers to entry or is as capital intensive as web printing. As magazine and newspaper volumes diminish the prospects of a new player entering the lucrative sector are remote.

Nothing beats high-speed web printing for sheer power of performance. Big offset presses, several stories high, pounding through the night turning out massive numbers of printed newspapers.

Mergers and consolidation are redrawing the print landscape. Last year manroland, the German web press manufacturer joined with US-based Goss.