Europoles' recyclable truss system debuts at PacPrint

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A recycled, recyclable modular truss system for displays has made its debut at PacPrint on the Europoles stand – its first showing in the southern hemisphere.

MD Peter Wagener: Truss system debuts on stand
MD Peter Wagener: Truss system debuts on stand

Peter Wagener, MD Europoles, says the truss system is gaining a lot of interest from visitors looking to use more sustainable products.

Clearly on the sustainability trail himself, he points out that almost everything on the Europoles stand is made from recycled materials. 

“All our fabrics are made from recycled yarn, and fully recyclable,” he says, noting that 98 per cent of what is on the stand can be recycled.

Something that he is passionate about is engaging with the industry about  textiles. “The majority of print companies in Australia can't do fabric. It's a very small niche industry. And some of the people that try can't do it very well either. So we take this to the next step, provide a support for the industry in bringing quality new products to market," he said.

“Not all fabrics are equal. If you want something that lasts you got to use the right fabric, right dyes, right processes, right threads, right needles. It’s just ongoing throughout the whole process – I guess that's our big point of difference.”

The company's range of Vario display systems, outdoor items, tents, umbrellas branded chairs, pop up lightboxes, flags, textile items and signage, all made in Europe, was also on display. 

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