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Veteran marketer and Print21 columnist, Malcolm Auld, has launched the world’s first free live marketing talk show, delivered using Synergy Effect’s award-winning InfluenceTV platform.

Interactive innovation: Malcolm Auld
Interactive innovation: Malcolm Auld

It will feature the marketing industry’s best and brightest, discussing and debating contemporary marketing issues. You view the event on a virtual stage, with speakers streamed in from around the world.

The first show is this Friday, 14 June, Australian time, and has the world’s most in-demand marketing speaker, Bob Hoffman, as the main guest.

Titled 'Is digital marketing more fake than real?', Hoffman and Auld will discuss the enormous problems of programmatic advertising and associated issues, costing marketers billions of dollars in wasted budget.

A live Q&A will also allow the audience to interact with guest speakers during the show. Auld said, “When I saw the amazing technology Synergy Effect created for hybrid events, I proposed we do something together. The Big Marketing Show is the result, and it will be a game-changer for quality marketing content.”

While Synergy Effect partner Mike Fleck claimed, “This is a unique way to demonstrate how to bring brands to life in a live, interactive hybrid environment, while showcasing innovative Australian technology to a global marketing audience.”

You can check out the shows and get your free tickets by clicking here, or go to

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