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Cactus Imaging will host the Fespa Australia Open House next month, where it will showcase the recently installed Durst P5 350 HS D4 large format printer.

Hosting Fespa Open House: (l-r) Nigel Spicer, Keith Ferrel and Matt Ashman
Hosting Fespa Open House: (l-r) Nigel Spicer, Keith Ferrel and Matt Ashman

The Fespa Australia Open House event is scheduled for Wednesday, 16 August between 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm at 12 Rachael Close, Silverwater, NSW. To reserve your spot, click here. Registration closes on 11 August.

The Open House event is open to all members of the industry, with food and refreshments provided by Cactus Imaging.

“We are delighted to have Cactus Imaging host our first Open Day for 2023,” Nigel Davies, president Fespa Australia said, “It is through these events that we can share knowledge, embrace new technologies, and foster innovation that help drive business growth.”

The new Durst is the largest single investment Cactus Imaging has made on a large format press. It delivers speeds in excess of 700 square metres per hour at production quality.

Cactus Imaging general manager of operations Keith Ferrel was impressed with the speed of the hybrid press and made the purchase to deliver a return on investment through significant improvements in productivity. “We are now able to produce a supersite billboard that is 42 square metres – 12.6m by 3.35m with this new machine at 708 square metres an hour in three and a half minutes,” Ferrel said.

During the Open House event Keith Ferrel and Cactus Imaging general manager Nigel Spicer will be joined by Davies,  and by Matt Ashman, managing director of Durst Oceania and the supplier director of Fespa.

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