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With the aim of taking away IT headaches and hardware investments for its users, specialist labels and packaging developer Hybrid Software will launch MyCloudFlow at drupa next month, one of a raft of new solutions.

Protect users against IT challenges: Mike Rottenborn, CEO, Hybrid Software
Protect users against IT challenges: Mike Rottenborn, CEO, Hybrid Software

MyCloudFlow is a full cloud-based SaaS product, which Hybrid’s CEO Mike Rottenborn said will protect users against IT challenges such as hacking, malware and phishing. He said, “All Hybrid demos at drupa will be on the MyCloudFlow stack, printers will be able to see for themselves the rea benefits of Hybrid being hosted in the cloud by us.”

Hybrid’s chief marketing officer Christoher Graf said, “It is quick, private, secure and has multiple back-ups.”

Also new for drupa is ColorSpace, a new colour management workflow module for MyCloudFlow, which Rottenborn said, “makes colour expertise available to non-experts.”

Hybrid will also launch new 3D modelling software, Capture 3D, which for instance will show how shrinksleeve print will look on cans and bottles.

In labels and packaging Hybrid is launching MyPackz, which it says is the next step in its Packz PDF editing suite.

The company will also launch a new rip, Smart DFE, from its Global Graphics business, which it says will offer limitless instant ripping direct to the printheads on the new generation of high speed inkjet presses. Rottenborn said, “Previously the DFE would rip to a hard drive for buffering, and from there stream to the printheads. Smart DFE tales away that step, and the considerable cost it involved in the all the hard drive.”

Hybrid software solutions are used directly by technology developers, and by print businesses. Of the 17 companies presenting at the pre-drupa media week some 13 are partners with Hybrid, including HP, Canon, Fujifilm and Koenig & Bauer.

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