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Global mega-show drupa is creating a five-day convention, dna (drupa next age) x Imaging, which will focus on the importance of imaging technologies with regard to print and communication.

Print and photography always together: Wolfgang Heinen, CEO New C
Print and photography always together: Wolfgang Heinen, CEO New C

The convention will address multiple topics on the relationship between photography and printing. Questions to be discussed will include: Why do printed images have a special relevance? What will the future role of AI for photography and print products be? Which quality and sustainability requirements must be met by manufacturers and service providers? And which innovations regarding printed images promise market growth in the future?

The convention dna x Imaging, which will be held for the first time during drupa, will run from 1 to 5 June. The conference language is English.

The first day of the convention, 1 June, is dedicated to “Imaging Artificial Intelligence: How AI defines the future of imaging and print”. In five short lectures, so-called “inspiration snacks”, speakers will offer their insights and demonstrate practically how your business can be improved by AI. A final get-together concludes the programme each day.

The focus topics of the programme on each day of the event are: “Tomorrow’s imaging print products” (2 June), “What exactly is image quality – and why should I think about it?” (3 June), “Sustainability as an advantage in competing” (4 June) and “Innovations as driving forces in the imaging and print markets” (5 June).

“We see many shared technologies and questions, as well as markets that overlap and mutually drive each other, within the imaging and print business. Therefore, together with ‘New C’ we developed the new format dna x Imaging, which will present new prospects to the international visitors at drupa as well as concrete business potentials,” said Sabine Geldermann, director drupa, Print Technologies Messe Düsseldorf.

Wolfgang Heinen, CEO New C, which is partnering in the convention with drupa, added: “Photography and print have always gone together. Newspapers, magazines, photo books, and packaging are hardly imaginable without printed images. And the relevant technologies, too, show significant parallels. Printing an image is what makes the content relevant. What potential this has for the future will be revealed by dna x imaging.”

The media production company New C has decades of experience in the tech, imaging and media industry.

The convention dna x Imaging will take place during drupa on the stage of the forum dna (drupa next age), which brings innovative drivers of technology and established companies together with newcomers to the industry, young talents and start-ups, aiming to provide impulses for the industry's direction. You can find it in the central Hall 7.0. The event is included in the entrance fee for drupa. 

Tickets for drupa 2024 are available as of now at the ticket shop.

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