Rodden brings Canon LabelStream to PacPrint

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The latest samples of the Canon LabelStream 4000 and Edale press are on the Rodden Graphics stand, with a LabelStream about to land at Impact Labels in Brisbane.

Father and daughter duo: James and Sarah Rodden
Father and daughter duo: James and Sarah Rodden

Print21 stopped by to speak to James Rodden, managing director of Rodden Graphics, which supplies both the Canon Labelstream and Edale presses. He was on stand with daughter Sarah, who looks after the company's sales and marketing.

The father and daughter duo confirmed that a LabelStream 4000 was purchased by Impact Labels last year, and is now arriving in Brisbane. Although not on stand, samples and specs of the press shared with visitors  had garnered interest, they said.

"Canon has got a great reputation for service in Australia, and it is also recognised as the number one in digital inkjet printing in the commercial world. So I think service and the quality of print is what interests customers. Also, the speed of the machines in the LabelStream range is very attractive at 50 and 75 meters a minute, which we find attracts customers," says James Rodden, pointing out that the digital hybrid machine's die cutting, one pass solution is also a plus.

The LabelStream 4000 series is a four- to six-colour UV inkjet press (CMYK, white and orange) that offers print speeds of up to 75 m/min and two print widths of 330 mm or 410 mm, resulting in what Canon claims is “industry-leading” overall output of 1,845sqm an hour. According to Canon it offers minimal set-up times, flexibility to mass customise contents and artwork, while enabling the shortest possible time to market.

The Canon LabelStream 4000 series UV inkjet press has been awarded the Pantone Capable certificate, confirming its reliability and ability to produce a wide range of Pantone colours consistently. Canon says the press is also the first digital press to have been Fogra55 certified by the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies by meeting the specifications of its ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) Print Check based on the new seven-colour benchmark gamut.

"Another thing that we are finding of appeal to potential customers, is the realisation that there's not as many skilled printers in the market anymore. So digital offers  a platform where you don't need to rely on as many skilled printers as you had to in the past, with conventional machines," said Sarah Rodden.

Rodden Graphics has strong ties with Canon – the company has been supplying the Canon Labelstream 4000 digital UV inkjet press in Australia and New Zealand since June last year. In addition, Canon bought equipment manufacturer Edale just a few months ago.

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