Fourth and final drupa preview in two weeks

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The fourth drupa preview day – aimed to set the scene for virtual.drupa in April – will take place for Tuesday 23 February, and will include Bobst, Heidelberg and Konica Minolta.

Countdown begins: one year to drupa 2020 
Digital drupa: Final; preview 23 February

The conference programme will showcase the printing industry’s hot topics one more time, with industry experts from participating companies and partner associations from drupa special forums, such as VDMA and epda to cover topical issues and global trends.

Free registration for the new drupa preview live web sessions is now open, click here.

Topics include Industry 4.0, Digitisation, Circular Economy, Sustainability, E-commerce and Platform Economy. Manufacturers including Isra Vision, KNF, Leonhard Kurz, Saueressig, Synthgon, Trotec Laser and Voith, as well as the aforementioned Bobst, Heidelberg and Konica Minolta, promise to deliver “relevant transfer of knowledge, exciting interaction and stimuli for getting businesses back on track”.

With its three pillars (Exhibition Space, Conference Area and Networking Plaza), the fourth drupa preview will give visitors an idea of the added value virtual.drupa will be offering from 20 to 23 April.

Bookings for the virtual event in April, which will culminate in a wide range of exhibitors showcasing their products and their company in digital showrooms, are already strong.

Interaction, networking and lead generation will be driven by matchmaking options among industry experts, while continuous conference streaming will deliver fascinating content.

The organiser says this final drupa preview day will once again highlight to conference delegates, how live web sessions and video presentations are important tools for putting the spotlight on the key industry topics and innovations during these times of contact restrictions.

Free registration for the platform providing access to the video presentations in the Conference Area, as well as live web sessions in the Exhibition Space is available at

The four day virtual.drupa in April is in place of the live show, which was cancelled due to Covid-19. The next live drupa will be in 2024.

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