Binder seeks formal proof of debt

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Liquidators for Sydney-based Graphic Bookbinding are inviting formal proof of debt or claim on the business, which was closed as part of Sydney Binders last April.

Established in 1963, Graphic Bookbinders joined forces with McPherson Binding six years ago to form Sydney Binders. However when Covid was in full force 16 months ago the owners of Sydney Binders decided to pull the pin.

The move left Australia with only one independent long run perfect binding trade house, Marvel Bookbinding in Melbourne, although Bright Print Group quickly stepped in, launching Twenty20 Binding with one of the Muller Martini Accoro lines from Sydney Binding.

Sydney Binding had around two dozen staff when owners Peter Halter, John McPherson, Emeh Freelingos and George Austin called an end to the business. At the time Halter said, "It was Covid that got us. We have been around a long time and through several recessions, but never anything as bad as this."

The Graphic Bookbinding liquidator inviting formal claim of debt is Andrew Sallway of BDO.

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