Fujifilm back online after cyber attack

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Fujifilm is back online, after closing down its external online networks to repel a suspected cyber ransomware attack last week.

Cyber attack: Fujifilm
Cyber attack: Fujifilm

Fujifilm says no customer data was breached, and that all its data is fully secure. It apologised for any inconvenience, which saw printers having to phone their orders, rather than placing them online as usual.

Print businesses in Australia and New Zealand can return to email ordering of their plates, inks and consumables. Printers using Fujifilm’s digital workflows were unaffected, as they do not operate in the cloud.

The imaging giant took itself offline for several days in what it said was a “precautionary move”, as it dealt with the suspected ransomware attack.

Specialist IT news media are reporting that Fujifilm paid no ransom to the hackers, who used the so-called Qbot trojan.

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