Illawarra Print and Signage becomes TikTok star

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Illawarra Print and Signage has become an unlikely TikTok sensation, with owners, husband and wife duo Kyle and Simon Morrisey, receiving millions of views on the social media platform for their videos of paper being cut.

 Tik Tok stars: Kyle Morrison, Illawarra Print & Design

Tik Tok stars: Simon and Kyle Morrison, Illawarra Print & Signage

The videos, which have built up its own cult following for being “oddly satisfying”, features aspects of printing and production including paper being printer, cut, folded, pressed and transformed, and currently has 150,000 likes and 20 million views combined.

To check out the videos for yourself, click here.

The Morriseys said they started the account as a way to bring attention to the business after struggling during the NSW Covid lockdowns, and the restrictions that lead to not being able to do face-to-face sales. 

“A lot of people don’t know what is involved in the production of their printed materials, and since we do 90 per cent of our work in-house, I thought we could make some good content,” said Mrs. Morrisey. 

“We’re printers, so when we started the page, we had no experience in making videos or social media content, but had to learn fast with lockdowns limiting our traditional marketing and events.

“People particularly love videos of large quantities of paper being cut, machines being fixed, or intricate folding designs taking place right before their eyes.”

Despite their recent social media success, the team say they don’t see social replacing print advertising any time soon.

To check out the videos for yourself, click here.

Tik Tok vids: Illawarra Print & Signage

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