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Surging growth in the US and UK has seen print software business printIQ move its sales and marketing functions to those markets. The business will remain headquartered in Australia and New Zealand, with founder Anthony Lew at the helm.

Anthony Lew: printIQ founder and CEO
Anthony Lew: printIQ founder and CEO

The printIQ management workflow software has become a local success story overseas, winning numerous accounts from print businesses in many countries. Lew said, "Just last month we had new orders from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania."

The company will now run sales and marketing teams in both the US and the UK, the former to cater for the North American market, the latter for the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It will also have a dedicated Australasia team. Lew will appoint a global marketing head to oversee all three teams.

Lew said, “Like many businesses, the on-going impact of Covid-19 has changed the way we work. With the growth in the business predominantly driven out of the US and the UK, managing marketing and sales out of a locked-down Australia has become increasingly difficult.

"Throughout the last 18 months, the business has experienced significant growth. Web based, productivity software has been a standout performer and printIQ has enjoyed an increase in adoption of cloud based platforms.

The company has seen 80-90 per cent of its growth come from overseas markets in the Covid period. Lew attributes the growth of printIQ in the print market to its universal approach - it works with commercial, labels, wide format, signs and packaging - and because it is hosted in the cloud, which provides security and maintenance benefits to printers - they never have to upgrade.

“While it would be easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of a global pandemic, the company has instead opted to embrace the opportunity by pushing harder into our key markets. Transitioning the sales and marketing functions to be run in-country, alongside our target markets and customers is an obvious next step for the business.”

As part of the move, Adrian Fleming, as global head of sales, and Mick Rowan, product director, will both depart the business as they pass the baton over to the teams on the ground in the US and UK. Fleming will be taking a break before looking for new opportunities, while Rowan will move into a new copywriting venture, writing white papers, blogs, and socials for the industry.

The printIQ software is a cloud-based management workflow system, incorporating MIS. Production staff manage the factory while customers quote, order and track, all from within the same application. 

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