TRMC sets agenda for AGM with Executive Exchange

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The Real Media Collective (TRMC) is preparing for its end of year Annual General Meeting (AGM) and raising the industry discussion to focus on COP26 commitments across carbon net zero emissions and deforestation targets to lead next year’s agenda.

TRMC CEO: Kellie Northwood
Executive Exchange: TRMC CEO Kellie Northwood

TRMC and Australasian Paper Industry Association (APIA) board officers, Responsible Wood / PEFC, HP and Currie Group executives, will be joining together prior to the TRMC AGM evening event, to share strategies and solutions via an Executive Exchange session focusing on COP26, energy sources and other environmental commitments across manufacturing for the region.

“Our industry carries a strong environmental record with our well-established reforestation initiatives, and many of our members are already exploring, and/or implementing, green energy solutions. Bringing our board and senior leaders across the paper mills and merchants from APIA, supported by our new partnership with Responsible Wood and PEFC, as well as innovation leaders from HP and Currie Group, to discuss, at an executive level, ideas and solutions we can bring to our members and broader industry is a powerful opportunity to start an important conversation,” said Kellie Northwood, CEO, The Real Media Collective.

The Real Media Collective has long been running the Two Sides campaign promoting the environmental credentials for paper and print, however it has reported recently exploration of carbon mapping calculators for industry, green energy discussion papers and alignment to government GHG guidelines for commercial print members.

“As an industry we will be looking for a common standard, where we can. Energy is a high-cost input to our operations and we must be on the front foot to these government discussions to ensure our industry is working on solutions for a sustainable and strong future,” added Northwood.

The Real Media Collective Annual AGM Event is being held at The Establishment, Sydney on the 2 December. All members are welcomed to what is becoming one of the biggest networking events of the year. Sponsored this year by HP and Currie Group, the event is the first physical gathering TRMC has held in two years.

“I am personally thrilled to be able to see our members again, all in one room, celebrating our industry achievements and our opportunities for the year ahead. I cannot thank Mike, Rob, Craig and the teams at HP and Currie Group enough for the support in bringing not only the Executive Exchange session to life, but also the evening event – in these times all event logistics are difficult to navigate, well done to all involved,” concluded Northwood.

All attendees must register to comply with venue Covid compliance.

To register for the event click here.

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