Victoria lockdown: Same rules as before for print

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Print businesses facing the latest Covid lockdown in Victoria will essentially be subject to the same rules as the previous time, which means they are free to carry on printing.

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There are caveats - all staff have to wear a mask at all times indoors, and outdoors, and any staff that can work from home are required to do just that, and stay away from the premises.  All premises must have updated Covid-safe plans implemented and communicated. Any external visitors must be logged.

Victorian printers have suffered far more than any others during Covid, and the new seven-day blow is the latest in a seemingly never-ending saga. Printers that Print21 spoke to were more than frustrated, especially as many said they were “buzzing along”.

Kieran May, business sustainability manager at PVCA said, “While print and packaging is essential to the supply chain across many critical services, common sense will need to be exercised to ensure that only those who need to be onsite take advantage of the privilege. Employers need to be mindful of community responsibilities and the health of their employees when deciding who should travel to work. Covid-Safe plans needs to be updated and actioned.

“PVCA will monitor new information over the crisis period and provide updates as necessary. Members can seek additional information through the PVCA.”

Virtually everything will be closed inside Victoria until next Thursday, apart from childcare centres. Small scale weddings and funerals are allowed. Victorians must stay within five kilometres of home, except for going to work, and apart from work they are only allowed out of the house for shopping, exercise, to give care, or to get vaccinated.

Kellie Northwood, CEO of TRMC said, “I cannot encourage all members and businesses enough to review your Covid notices, posters and other communications. Please consider updating your staff briefings, reprinting signage, changing signage colours, new positions, new notices and more to bring your Covid safe plans and awareness to the top of minds once more. We can all become complacent and a reminder of elbow bumps instead of handshakes, bigger meeting rooms and air ventilation where possible are all important to maintain across our new-normal.” TRMC has also released a Covid briefing.

Interstate travel from Victoria is difficult; the WA, SA, Queensland and Tasmanian borders are closed, while arrivals into NSW have to abide by the Victoria restrictions, in other words stay inside for the next seven days.

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