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A criminal gang used toner cartridges delivered via courier to smuggle what prosecutors said were “colossal amounts” of cocaine, worth $250m, in just three weeks.

Smuggled in printer toner cartridges: $250m worth of cocaine
Smuggled in printer toner cartridges: $250m worth of cocaine

Print businesses have long complained about the cost of toner, but the pallet loads shipped by the gang had what would be the most expensive contents in the history of toner cartridges.

The gang shipped the cocaine from South America to Holland, where it was placed into emptied toner cartridges, which were then loaded onto pallets, and then sent by a regular courier service on to a serviced storage space in the UK, for distribution to local dealers.

Unfortunately for the criminals, the cops had cracked the code for their encrypted chat, and were able to arrest a dozen gang members, who received lengthy terms at His Majesty’s pleasure – the ringleader copped a 31 year stretch, his six lieutenants will spend between 15 and 23 years behind bars, with the hod carriers also receiving lengthy terms.

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