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Fespa’s 2023 Future Leaders met for an evening of informal drinks at the Sydney Brewery in Surry Hills on Thursday, a chance to meet their sponsors and hear from Fespa Australia’s president, Nigel Davies.

Future Leaders: ten of the twelve 2023 leaders (Barney Wellings and Angus Turner were unfortunately not present).
Future Leaders: Ten of the twelve 2023 leaders (Absent: Barney Wellings and Angus Turner)

Following a “rigorous selection process”, Fespa selected 12 young professionals to undergo a two-day workshop with corporate leadership coach Carl Harman.

Fespa Australia president Nigel Davies congratulated the new leaders and explained that one of the last tasks of the mentorship program was for the team to vote someone to go to Amsterdam next March as this year’s representative. That person was Mary Leishman, general manager of DRK LBL, a Queensland-based screen-printing company.

“What we have here is an army of young talent that will help us solve the problems of this industry,” he said. 

One of the Future Leaders, Shannelle Tedja, global client manager of Wazzup Screen Printing, told Print21 being part of the program was "absolutely beyond what she imagined", adding that the program has given the next generation the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and forerunners from across the country. 

"To discover my leadership capabilities, strengths and DNA, alongside 11 other incredibly talents, smart and dynamic peers, was a platform to see change and growth in my own business, as well as the industry at large," she said.

Introducing the Future Leader: FESPA Australia president, Nigel Davis introduces Mary Leishmaniasis, this year's Future Leader representative.
Next-gen leadership: FESPA Australia president, Nigel Davis introduces Mary Leishman, this year's Future Leader representative.

The 2023 Fespa Future Leaders are:

Ambrin Naaz Begum, managing partner, M-Power

Angus Turner, production manager, Turner Signs

Barney Wellings, director and general manager, Hunter Signs

Daniel Lamont, production manager, Lamont Print & Signs

Daniela Mastroieni, strategic manager, Business, Brand & Partnerships, Orafol

James Merehab, sales executive, Ball & Doggett

Kerri Underwood, production manager, VMG Print Group

Leah Simmons, account director, IVE Group

Mary Leishman, general manager, DRK LBL

Nathan Brown, production manager, Finishing, IVE Group

Sam Alterator, account manager, HVG Graphics Media

Shannelle Tedja, global client manager, Wazzup Screen Printing.

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