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The industry’s employers’ association, PVCA, has today officially become the Visual Media Association (VMA) today, the final step in the merger and restructuring of what were the Print & Visual Communication Association and The Real Media Collective.

Rebranding: PVCA to become VMA
New branding, new name, new structure, new focus: PVCA becomes VMA

The two associations merged in April last year, following unanimous backing from their members, a year later releasing financials which showed the benefits of de-duplification. A new strategic plan with core elements has since been devised and released.

A new board was elected last month, the most diverse in the 141-year history of the nation’s print associations, with a mix of skill sets, types of businesses and locations, in order to represent the entire industry.

Earlier this month a new website was launched, to provide members with easy access to the association’s programmes and campaigns.

Today’s official rebranding comes as the Fair Work Commission granted its support to the changes.

Kellie Northwood, CEO of VMA said, “The journey over the past 18 months has been one of discovery and honesty. We have already seen some major wins for the industry, with the referendum pamphlet, with Charity Mail, now we are set to implement the strategic plan, which will provide major benefits to print businesses of all kinds.

“We have a platform built on 141 years, and we are now looking ahead to the next three to five years, providing the tools to help print business owners run their businesses more effectively, and to promote the industry to all stakeholders, especially government, print buyers and young people.”

Northwood said the board is prioritising, and looking to work on the sovereign capabilities emphasis that has emerged since Covid and supply chain issues hit reliance on overseas suppliers.

She said the new Visual Media Association has a four-fold purpose, including HR / IR, with a new portal and hotline for members, and the release of additional programmes, including one for employee wellbeing. Skills and training remains a priority, with multiple activities in this key area, including the release of an employers’ guide today. VMA is also developing the Better Business Tools, which includes areas such as sales training, IT, and insurance.

Finally, it is focused on its role to promote and protect the print industry, with Northwood highlighting three campaigns currently underway; the VoPP value of print and paper to help in print sales, Love Paper for consumer education, and the Two Sides programme to highlight the environmental benefits of print and paper.

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