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PVCA has launched its 2023 Annual Industry Metrics Survey for members and industry – the first in a decade – to build industry trends and forecasting analysis, in order to strengthen business planning.

Real Media Awards – more than an industry event: Kellie Northwood, CEO PVCA
Key metrics: Kellie Northwood, CEO PVCA

The 30-minute survey will capture salary benchmarks, skills and training levels and shortages, employment demographics, customer group breakdowns, certifications, operational practices, and perceived challenges. Click here to get to the survey.

Produced with members and key industry stakeholders, the survey has been a project the association has been working on over the past ten months, with a comprehensive dive into building data relevant to the visual media sector. The primary aim is to provide members and industry, investors, government and key stakeholders valuable insights into the state of the industry to ensure they are making informed decisions, establish business benchmarks to best practice, and identify trends.

Kellie Northwood, CEO, PVCA, said, “Our members have provided feedback they want to understand best practice for success for their businesses. Without understanding the industry averages we cannot benchmark and build best practice, nor can we develop tools to assist members to set performance targets to improve year-on-year.

“Through this survey we will be able to answer questions to – What are the future trends for our industry? How do we salary benchmark? How should I structure my business for improved profitability? and more. Building a strong understanding of our industry today and the prediction of planned business changes is critical.”

The Annual Industry Metrics Survey is supported by Ricoh Australia, which announced an industry partnership with the PVCA last year, and since then relaunched the Power of Print series into the upcoming PoP Summit, supported the Industry Awards in 2022, and now continue to build the industry metrics to ‘arm the industry for innovative, informed and progressive success’.

Results will be released and discussed across Australia with live events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane this November across Ricoh showrooms. The results and insights from the survey will be compiled into two reports: an in-depth analysis for PVCA members and contributors, and a summary report released publicly.

“To ensure the industry is armed with rich insights I urge each and every one of you, member or not, to respond to the survey and build metrics we can all use for our future success. I do also thank Ricoh Australia – it represents a supplier partnering with the industry for mutual success,” concluded Northwood.

To contribute to the survey, and receive your copy of the report, click on Annual Industry Metrics Survey 2023. The survey is open until Monday 9 October.

To register to attend the post-survey analysis events click on Annual Industry Metrics Roadshow.

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