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Print & Visual Communication Association (PVCA) is relaunching the Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) effectiveness campaign, as of today, it is dedicated to promoting print as a relevant, contemporary, and highly effective media and marketing channel.

The relaunch includes a new website with upgraded functionality, and content supported by the bi-annual VoPP Mag. The content takes a deep dive into industry specific metrics, all highlighting the indispensable role print plays in a marketer's budget.

The centrepiece of the relaunch is the upgraded VoPP website, a library of information that offers marketers, educators, and the public unparalleled access to the wonders of print. The revamped website boasts enhanced user experience, drop-down search functionality, and an extensive array of resources that can be sorted by sector, type of printed piece, application, and distribution, making it easier to explore the success stories behind effective print campaigns.

VoPP, which has been running since 2016, has evolved into a comprehensive resource, featuring 355 case studies that explore all forms of print media and marketing, 150 inspiration pieces that explore creative applications of print around the world, and invaluable research insights.

Build commnities: Kellie Northwood, CEO PVCA
VoPP a valuable resource: Kellie Northwood, CEO PVCA

Kellie Northwood, CEO, Print & Visual Communication Association, said, "The upgraded VoPP website is a valuable resource for our industry and beyond. It underscores the importance of providing our members, educators, and, of course, our customers with access to the wonderful world of print.

“In showcasing the innovations and creativity that print offers, backed by real percentages and results from leading brands, retailers, and media buyers, the Value of Paper and Print campaign positions print as a relevant and enduring medium. For our members, it is a valuable sales tool to share content and information about the power of print with their customers.”

Key Features of the relaunched VoPP Campaign include:

Comprehensive Case Studies: 355 real-world case studies that showcase the measurable impact of print campaigns across various industries. Marketers and advertisers gain insights into how print can drive results, boost engagement, and enhance brand visibility.

Inspiration Pieces: Included in the campaign are 150 inspirational articles that delve into the creative and innovative aspects of print, encouraging marketers to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

Research and Insights: VoPP provides research and insights into the role of print in a marketer's budget. It offers data-driven evidence of print's effectiveness as a marketing channel to invest in.

Enhanced Website: The newly upgraded website is user-friendly and equipped with advanced search capabilities, making it easier for visitors to access relevant content tailored to their interests and needs.

The VoPP campaign's mission is to celebrate the continuing value of paper and print in a contemporary world. Including real-world success stories from global and local brands and retailers, it explores the tangible impact of print campaigns for businesses to consider across Australia and New Zealand.

VoPP Mag continues as the foundation of the campaign, with members receiving complimentary copies for their clients, helping them highlight the effectiveness of print. The latest issue of VoPP Mag explores the contemporary need for data and what that looks like after the ‘Cookiepocalypse’, and rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Association members receive copies of the VoPP Mag to share with their customers, as well as full access to the campaign content and information. “I do want to shout-out to all our members who fund and support these campaigns through their membership; without you, we are unable to resource the collection and development of these programs to promote our industry. Continue using the content, magazine and other printed collateral for your sales discussions and sales success.

“For those who are not members, consider joining as a campaign member to continue these important programmes to represent, promote and protect our industry’s future, as well as strengthen your sales content,” said Northwood.
For more information about the Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) effectiveness campaign and to explore its wealth of resources, visit www.vopp.com.au or www.vopp.co.nz.

Campaign for print: VoPP relaunched
Campaign for print: VoPP relaunched
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