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Spicers is launching Environs Volume 3, the latest edition of its comprehensive campaign dedicated to promoting sustainable packaging solutions.

Out now: Environs 3
Out now: Environs 3 from Spicers

This third edition of Environs by Spicers showcases the company’s extensive Label and Packaging portfolio, and says Spicers, reinforces its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

Spicers says its products are designed to enhance experiences across diverse environments by promoting goods and services. It says Environs addresses the growing demand for sustainable materials, offering “high-quality options that support environmental goals and their commitment to sustainability.”

Recycled: In Spicers Environs 3
Recycled: In Spicers Environs 3

Highlights of Environs Volume 3 include Sustainable Practices, Industry-Leading Brands, and Consumer Insights.

This edition features Spicers sustainable practices, targets, and partnership with Greenfleet, along with key considerations for designing more sustainable products.

The portfolio includes a range of tested and approved substrates that Spicers says “excel both technically and aesthetically.” This includes sustainable fibre-based self-adhesives and boards.

Environs Volume 3 includes “valuable consumer insights” on sustainable packaging, highlighting that 79 per cent of consumers seek products in sustainable packaging, and that 82 per cent are willing to pay more for it.

Cyndi Setia, Spicers marketing and design manager, emphasised the significance of this new edition for the company, she said, “Environs Volume 3 is a testament to our dedication to providing sustainable solutions that exceed industry standards. We believe that responsible choices should be easy, and our products are designed to help our customers and their clients achieve their sustainability goals.”

Carta Solida: In Environs 3
Carta Solida: In Environs 3

She added, “By choosing environmentally sound substrates, our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of print while minimising their environmental footprint. Our range includes FSC Certified, PEFC Certified, recycled content, biodegradable, fully recyclable kerbside, and Ecovadis-rated products.”

Some 95 per cent of Spicers’ print range is FSC or PEFC certified, 90 per cent of the featured packaging range is biodegradable, and 80% of the print range contains recycled content.

With 86 per cent of consumers checking product information for sustainable choices, Spicers says the FSC label stands out as the most recognised and trusted mark of sustainable forestry.

The company says these statistics underscore its dedication to sourcing from manufacturers and suppliers committed to smart and greener practices.

It says Environs Volume 3 is “more than just a product portfolio; it is a step towards a sustainable future where every print and packaging decision contributes to a healthier planet.”

Information: Environs 3
Information: Environs 3
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