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The Visual Media Association (VMA) has inked a future and member-focused partnership with Media Super, to support financial well-being and superannuation security for the print and visual media industry.

Seat on Media Super board: Tom Eckersley, CEO, Eckersley Print Group, Qld
Seat on Media Super Advisory Committee: Tom Eckersley, CEO, Eckersley Print Group, and board member, VMA

VMA has reaffirmed the endorsement of Media Super as the sole print and related services industry superannuation fund, and said it is looking forward to an “outcome-focused” partnership for members, and a continued relationship with Media Super.

Kellie Northwood, CEO of VMA, said, “Our partnership with Media Super is not a marketing sponsorship program, it is a statement of unity and support for our members to know they have the strength of a dedicated industry fund well into the future.

“In working together with the only superannuation fund dedicated to our industry, we are also ensuring that our members have access to specialised advice and resources for their financial well-being and sustainable superannuation services.”

Following the merger of Media Super into Cbus last year, the VMA has held Joint Advisory Committee seats, which has overseen implementation of key input from the industry, including the retention of the Media Super name and brand, for members.

The association will continue to have a role in the Advisory Committee with long-term VMA board officer, Tom Eckersley, CEO at Eckersley Print Group, holding a seat, to continue the representation of the VMA members and broader industry directly into Media Super.

The partnership underscores the VMA’s stated position of having an industry-focused superannuation fund that comprehends the needs and challenges of professionals within the print and visual media sectors. VMA said Media Super's expert knowledge and history across the industry positions it as a trusted partner, capable of delivering tailored solutions for the print and visual media industry.

Throughout this year Media Super has supported various VMA initiatives, most recently implementing member site tours across the country, to share with employers and employees financial education for improved superannuation outcomes. It also supported the P.o.P (Power of Print) Summit, an event the VMA ran last month, and is relaunching for the future commitment to network and knowledge sharing activities for members, with VMA members being provided with better business tools.

“This partnership is not just about today; it's about looking ahead to a sustainable future for the print industry. In working together, we can strengthen a path of financial resilience and prosperity for print industry employers and employees,” concluded Northwood.

The Cbus super fund of which Media Super is now part is one of the strongest available, it has averaged an annual return of 8.89 per cent since inception.

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