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PVCA CEO Andrew Macaulay is leaving the print employers association, five years after his appointment, saying he has “achieved everything I was brought in to do”.

'We’ve had to absorb huge restructuring costs': PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay.
'Achieved everything I was brought in for': PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay set to return to business

Macaulay will remain as head of association until his successor is appointed, with the PVCA Board now setting the wheels in motion to recruit a new CEO. Macaulay will return to the business world.

Macaulay's time has been one of change, restructure, modernisation and growth. The PVCA is back in the black, its member services have increased while fees have remained unchanged, its voice in Parliament is clear and recognised.

Macaulay said, “I have loved my time in print. The industry is dynamic, agile, energetic, and committed to excellence. It is populated by innovative, adaptive, entrepreneurial men and women. Print and printers can be proud of their contribution to society, which will continue in the years to come.”

His list of achievements include bringing stability to the association after the ructions of the Jason Allen era, reforming the staff structure – it now has three full-time and five part-time, compared with 50 on the books when he took over – and selling off the real estate. He can also be credited with Print2Parliament, the Covid support for printers and its series of webinars, and the Bring Back Print campaign. He has had a five-year focus on print training, and improving member services. Giving print a higher profile in Canberra and the state capitals has been a successful strategy.

Walter Kuhn, president of PVCA said, “PVCA found the right person at the right time in Andrew Macaulay. The organisation needed re-structure and refocus, and Andrew has created an agile modern organisation. We thank him for doing the often challenging work associated with this.

“The PVCA Board feels excited and invigorated by the opportunities to grow our industry association and deliver outstanding value to our members. We are looking for a hands-on GM with the experience to grow our membership and lead our team.”

PVCA honorary treasurer John Georgnstzakos, said, “The association needed a unique skill set to restructure, lower costs and modernise. Macaulay has delivered on his commitment, and we wish him best in his future endeavours.”

Board member Tom Eckersley said, “The creation of Print2Parliament! and the profile that gives our industry is a legacy that Macaulay can be particularly proud of. To have further enhanced that into a JV for all events and trade shows will benefit all of our industry for many years.”

The PVCA will be advertising the role widely, and is seeking an enthusiastic industry champion to lead the industry peak body and to implement the Board’s vision and strategy, from the now optimised platform. It will initially focus the search within the print industry.




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