ABG launches new Omega SRI3

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Finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG), has launched the next evolution of its Omega SRI high performance slitting, rewinding and inspection label finishing system.

Label finishing: new Omega from ABG
Label finishing: new Omega SRI from ABG

The company says the updated model offers a range of new and adjustable options “to meet future requirements”. ABG equipment is supplied in Australia and New Zealand by Currie Group, 

ABG says that with a larger unwind diameter at 830mm, and increased nip roller wraparound, waste is reduced and tension control improved, preventing slippage and interweaving of the web and providing unparalleled versatility.

The upgraded features, which include a lower splice table, “allow operators greater flexibility and increased ergonomic comfort, thereby improving productivity and efficiency”. According to ABG the SRI3 is also the only machine in its class that doesn't rely on a third party inspection system, providing “100 per cent print inspection” with ABG’s fleyeVision camera system.

Other enhancements include an arm that enables a right handed operator to easily cut the reel, and a tape holder, which is built-in as per ABG’s Digicon range. Manual slitting can now be upgraded to autoslit, which was not possible on the previous SRI, and the rewind module can be taken out and replaced with a turret at a later stage.

Designed with retrofitting possibilities in mind and a modular setup to make future updates simple, the SRI3 can be fully configured to meet individual needs.

“At ABG, we strive to deliver premium service and the best experiences for our customers across the globe,” said Ralf Wirtz managing director of ABG GMBH. “And with 30 years’ experience manufacturing slitter rewinders, this commitment to excellence is at the core of our evolutionary approach to the SRI’s design.”

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