Epson offers end-to-end label printing

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Epson’s latest UV inkjet digital label press is now offered as a complete end-to-end label printing solution thanks to a collaboration with GM.End-to-end labels: Epson collaborates with GM

End-to-end labels: Epson collaborates with GM

The new SurePress L-6534VW is now able to run in-line with a GM LUW500 jumbo roll unwinder, an AVT or BST inspection station, and a GM DC330 finishing line.

The company says collaboration provides an integrated, productive and streamlined label printing and finishing solution to meet high volume label production demands.

It says this new capability is ideal for label converters looking to improve operational efficiency for longer print runs, while maintaining the versatility needed for shorter print jobs.

The company says the Jumbo unwinder GM LUW500 maximises productivity. The unwind module is fully synchronised to the press with stepless electronic tension setting, roll pick up from the floor and an easy-to-use graphic touch screen.

Available from AVT or BST, inspection systems provide additional support for process control and quality assurance where necessary, to meet specific production demands.

The in-line finisher GM DC330 is capable of high-speed production. It can be operated as a fully integrated in-line converter or off-line for flexible finishing options.

Bruce Bealby, general manager - marketing at Epson Australia, said, “The result of 10 years of collaboration with GM, these innovative and proven connection options for SurePress UV inkjet digital presses will provide an even more productive solution for streamlined, end-to-end, high volume label production. It is an exciting development, that we are confident will open even greater possibilities for our customers.”

The SurePress L-6534VW digital inkjet label press is designed for productivity and outstanding finish at print speeds up to 50m/min. Its key features include built-in reliability and stability functions to ensure consistent high-quality print results time after time, UV LED pinning between colours enabling sharper text and smoother vignettes, and Nozzle Verification Technology that detects blocked nozzles and performs automatic head cleaning to reduce wastage and downtime.

The press supports a wide range of paper and film label substrates between 80 and 320 microns in thickness, with a printable width of 330mm. Standard configuration includes corona treater, web cleaner, white ink, digital varnish, and an additional UV curing unit. Print heads, inks and web control system are all developed, manufactured and serviced by Epson.

End-to-end label production: Epson Surepress collaborates with GM
End-to-end label production: Epson Surepress collaborates with GM


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