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Label Power has brought the new AP380, the latest labelling solution from Primera, to the Australian market.

Primera's new AP380 labeller: Available in Australia from Label Power
Primera's new AP380 labeller: Available in Australia from Label Power

The AP380 labeller features intuitive controls and an easy set-up, allowing for quick adjustments and seamless integration into existing production lines, according to label Power. Operators can reportedly save up to nine settings for optimal label spacing, streamlining the labelling process, and enhancing consistency. It features a new built-in rewinder, LED counter and five roller locations.

The AP380 is built to be able to handle a wide array of cylindrical containers of all shapes and sizes, including bottles, jars, cans, and tubes. It can accommodate containers with widths from 25mm to 239mm and diameters from 15mm to 170mm, providing unparalleled versatility. Even for those containers with slight irregularities or tapering, the AP380 claims to ensure seamless label application.

With a labelling capacity of up to 1500 containers per hour, Label Power says you can achieve a 30 per cent increase in production speed compared to previous models. It also allows for applying labels to both the front and back of the container at the same time. The AP380 uses precision sensor technology that automatically adjusts based on a labels thickness and the built-in spring-loaded pressure arm applies labels firmly and without wrinkles, ensuring consistent results every time.

The AP380 is on display at Label Power’s Brisbane and Melbourne showrooms. If you’re based in Sydney, the company’s consultant can bring the AP380 to you for a demo on-site. Online demonstrations are also available by appointment.

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