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Patient Wolf Distilling Co has ventured into the world of agave with a claimed Aussie-first agave gin spirit – Blanco Wolf – with the design concept of "no longer a myth, a spirit born of two worlds".

The design pays homage to both the gin and agave, through its blend of wolf and Mexican iconography.
Paying homage to both the gin and agave through its blend of wolf and Mexican iconography. MCC label.

The digitally printed label, produced by MCC Label, features a finely detailed illustration captured on uncoated material using a Bright White Felt Ever Opaque substrate.  A custom die shape, plus debossing and high build screen add tactile highlights to the label.

The design, which was created by Matthew Squadrito of Squad Ink, highlights the Lobo, a wolf from a series of mythological Mexican creatures that have elements from different animals and are bound to protect and scare away evil spirits. The background shows rows of the agave plant and mountains in the distance. A skeleton is riding the Lobo, which along with skulls are seen widely in Mexican folk art, especially at the time of the Day of the Dead. The skeleton is holding a ‘coa de jima’ (‘hoe for harvesting’), which is a specialised tool for harvesting agave.

Terry Squadrito, director of Squad Ink, said in a post on social media, "The essence of our concept was in marrying two worlds: The Wolf (Gin) and Mexican origins (Tequila). The result is Blanco Wolf, embodied through the Chupacabra, a legendary folklore creature." 

MCC Label says this "bold and electrifying" concept is aimed at "playing to the brand’s disruptive spirit".

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