$1500 assistance webinar to run again

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Demand for the $1500 assistance webinar run by PVCA yesterday was so large that the association ran another one this morning, and will run repeat sessions next week until everyone who wants to take part has been able to do so.

Vitally important: Andrew Macaulay
$1500 Webinar to be repeated: Andrew Macaulay

Webinars next week are scheduled for Tuesday 7 April at 3pm for Snap franchisees, and for all printers later the same Tuesday 7 April at 3:45pm, and again at 4:30pm next Tuesday.


To take part, printers need to email info@pvca.org.au to register for the webinar, with a link being sent out about half an hour before it is planned to start.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO at Print & Visual Communication Association said, “The response to the webinars has been strong, and we want to ensure that every printer in the country is able to take part, so we are now running repeat sessions.”

Macaulay said, “The new $1500 assistance package is fantastic. It will make a real difference to the ability of print businesses to trade in though this difficult time, to adjust operator levels, or if a full lockdown happens to keep their staff ready for when it ends.

“For print staff the $1500 package means they have basic security that whatever the current workload and whether they are in the factory or at home they will have wages coming in.

“The PVCA is aware there are many questions on the nuances of the scheme, and the aim of the webinar is to answer them.

“I have been in teleconference with Treasury throughout the week. Print business owners and managers who take part in the webinar will be fully up to speed with the facts when the webinar is over.”

The $1500 assistance package is available to any business that can show turnover is 30 per cent less than this time last year. It will run for six months. It is available for full time, part time and casual staff, providing they have been with the company for at least a year. The government will pay to the money to the company, which will then pay staff. The scheme began on Monday 30 March. So far 450,000 Australian businesses have signed up for it.

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