Allclear installs Australia's first HP Indigo 12000 HD

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Brisbane-based commercial operation, Allclear Print + Signs, has installed the first HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press in the country, in a “natural progression” for the business.

First in Australia: Jason Milligan (left) and Anthony De Stefani of Allclear with the new HP Indigo 12000 HD
First in Australia: Jason Milligan (left) and Anthony De Stefani of Allclear with the new HP Indigo 12000 HD

The new press supersedes an HP Indigo 10000 that has been running for seven years at the privately-owned business, which itself joined two HP Indigo 5500s. All the presses were supplied by Currie Group.

Anthony De Stefani, managing director of the company, said, “We have had the B2 10000 for seven years, and while it has been good and reliable, it’s time for a change. The new 12000 HD press has better quality, higher screening with better definition. It’s got a higher running speed, too. The technology has improved, no doubt about it.”

De Stefani was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Brisbane-based Currie Group engineers installing the HP Indigo 12000 HD. It was taking place in the middle of a lockdown, but their enthusiasm for the results of the first sheets coming off the press fired excitement in the normally unflappable De Stefani.

“The two engineers here were so excited. I’ve never seen anyone so excited. They knew the difference; they could see it. Now I’m excited at all the good stuff we can do. It’s nice having guys around you who are so enthusiastic,” he said.

Technical specification aside, De Stefani knows how the new technology will translate into print benefits for Allclear’s customer base. He talks of the impact of seven colours, of being able to coat any sheet with white or clear, and of using violet and orange inks to create “stunning colour images”.

He said, “We can pretty much match any PMS colour. The high definition screening also has its advantages in terms of quality. Then there’s the higher running speed. We’re just getting the first sheets off now, doing the same jobs we were running on the 10000. There’s no doubt the results are very different.”

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