Ascent to run 'what next' webinar next Thursday

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Print industry business broker Ascent Partners is putting on a free webinar next Thursday to discuss options for print businesses in Covid. The webinar is titled Regroup, Sell or Close.

Post-Covid options: Richard Rasmussen
Post-Covid options: Richard Rasmussen

Richard Rasmussen, owner of Ascent said, “I am sure there are a lot of printers thinking what to do next, and the timing ties in well with the Job Keeper/Job Seeker announcements and the mini budget.

“Many printers were sailing close to the wind pre Covid-19, and with significant falls in sales in most sectors, a large number are being kept afloat with Government subsidies, such as JobKeeper, Covid-19 insolvency laws and creditor assistance.

“Businesses will need to make some hard calls such as how to regroup as an organisation (right-sizing, downsizing, merging, collaborating, affiliations), or perhaps bringing forward plans to sell or close the business.

“This webinar will provide a current market overview by sector, detail the 23 July mini budget changes to grants, assistance packages and insolvency laws, and discuss the need to objectively plan next steps for your business in light of those changes.”

The webinar will discuss the main options which Rasmussen says are to either regroup as an organisation/change your business model, or sell the business, and will look at what has changed in business values, and will look at the options for exiting or closing the business.

Panellists at the webinar are Richard Rasmussen, Wade Oldham and Andrew Barnden.

Rasmussen is a director of Ascent Partners, a national printing industry specialist supplier of business appraisals/valuations, business sales and acquisitions, business consultancy and surplus equipment disposal services.

Oldham owns Wade Oldham Finance and has specialised in finance to the printing industry since 1986, and services businesses across Australia for all types of printing equipment, vehicles, and property finance, making him a one stop shop.

Andrew Barnden is a director of the Sydney office of the international accounting firm of Rodgers Reidy, which specialises in insolvency, forensics, and reconstruction. He has 20 years of professional accounting experience, the vast majority of which has been in the specialised field of turnaround management, insolvency, and forensics.

The webinar takes place 12.30pm AEST next Thursday 30 July. Click here to register. There is no cost to take part.

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