BGS upgrades with Horizon finishing

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BGS Printing has upgraded its finishing capability with investment in new Horizon kit, including a bookletmaker and three-sided trimmer, both supplied by Currie Group.

Joshua Kamil: BGS
Great fit for business; Joshua Kamil, BGS

Joshua Kamil, managing director of BGS says the new investments are to ensure the business has the most efficient systems to deliver high productivity. He said, “We run lean manufacturing, we need our production equipment to operate at the highest levels. The new Horizon kit will help enable BGS to deliver first class product to its customers every time.”

The company has installed a Horizon Bookletmaker (VAC-1000 A&C / SPF-200L/FC-200L) and a Horizon HT-30 Three side trimmer. The finishing equipment will handle product from both digital and offset presses, with BGS running a pair of HP Indigo presses among its kit.

Kamil said, “We invest in production equipment based on need. We don’t make speculative investments. My background is finance, I look at the ROI, I look to minimise risk. I know the new Horizon finishing equipment will be a great fit for the business.

“I did look at other options, but Horizon stands on its own in that space, and for us it would be overkill to install the conventional offset finishing kit with folded sections and hoppers. Horizon equipment handles the crossover, it is equally capable of finishing print from offset and from digital presses.

“I also appreciate it is easy to operate. I need our staff to be agile, working in different areas, rather than spending a long time being trained for just one or two pieces of equipment. Horizon lends itself to this agility.”

The bookletmaker replaces a Horizon SPF-20, which was approaching the end of its life. Vince Pignataro, account manager at Currie Group said, “The bookletmaker will enable BGS to offer both portrait and landscape bookletmaking on the one machine. The HT-30 three knife trimmer means that BGS will not need to wait for the PUR to dry before it trims. Both pieces of equipment will add to the productivity and capability at BGS. The company is a great example of a well-run print business making considered investments to enable its growth.”

The equipment is likely to be joined by more in the near future, Kamil said, “I do have plans to install additional finishing equipment shortly. For us it is one step at a time, we will not overreach, it is planned growth based on reality, not just what we hope will happen.

“Managing growth is key. When I put in new equipment, I am not losing sleep over it, wondering how it will pay for itself, hoping to get a lot of new work. I know the equipment will be utilised straight away. The Horizon BQ-280 we put in a couple of years ago is a perfect example, it is doing a considerable amount of work in PUR.”

The relationship with the supplier is an important part of any investment decision, and Kamil describes that between BGS and Currie Group as ‘close’. He says, “We feel looked after, we are on the same page, there is mutual respect. Our experience of Currie Group is that they go beyond what would be expected, it counts for a lot.”

Kamil acquired BGS 18 months ago, the business has a heritage going back to 1983, and markets itself as a full-service printing resource, with expertise in high quality commercial printing, direct mail marketing, retail display and signage, label printing and promotional products. The company has around 22 staff working in it.

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