Bobst unveils new vision, new solutions

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Packaging equipment giant Bobst is releasing a slew of new equipment, and says a new reality of connectivity, digitalisation, automation, and sustainability are the cornerstones of packaging production.

New Vision: Jean-Paul Bobst
New Vision: Jean-Pascal Bobst

At the heart of its new vision is Bobst Connect, an open architecture cloud-based platform. It delivers solutions for pre-press, production, process optimisation, maintenance, and market access. Bobst says it will ensure an efficient flow of data between digital and physical worlds and will orchestrate the entire production process from PDF to finished product.

“The digitalisation of printing processes is the most visible element of progress in the packaging industry,” Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO Bobst Group, said.

“The coming years will likely see a major acceleration of digital printing and converting. While the solutions are becoming available, the biggest challenge for printers and converters is not the individual printing machines, but rather the entire workflow, encompassing converting.”

Bobst has revealed its latest generation of laminators, flexo presses, die-cutters, folder-gluers and other innovations, reflecting the company’s drive to transform the industry.

“The new products and Bobst Connect are part of our vision for the future for packaging production, which is anchored in data access and control across the entire workflow, helping packaging manufacturers and converters to become more flexible and agile,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst.

“It is vital to provide brand owners, converters and consumers with quality, efficiency, control, proximity, and sustainability. It is our responsibility to deliver innovations that fully answer these needs.”

The newly announced equipment includes:

For the folding carton industry

Die cutting: Bobst Mastercut PER
Die cutting: Bobst Mastercut PER
  • Mastercut 106 PER
    Bobst claims the new Mastercut 106 PER has the highest degree of automatic operations available on any die-cutter. In addition to the existing automation functions, Bobst has implemented new features which allow a fully automatic setting of the machine from feeder to delivery, with minimum operator intervention. The new automation features enable a major setup time reduction of 15 minutes. For example, stripping and blanking tools, as well as the nonstop rack in the delivery section are automatically set. With its level of automation, Bobst says the new Mastercut 106 PER becomes the most productive equipment for short as well as long runs, meaning packaging manufacturers can accept all types of jobs, irrespective of run length.
  • TooLink Connected Tooling for die-cutters
    Bobst has a new digital recipe management tool for die-cutters. In combination with automated functions, it can save up to 15 minutes per job changeover and simplifies the interaction between converters and die-makers. With TooLink Connected Tooling, chip-equipped tools are automatically detected by the machine and the production-ready recipe is recognised, leading to savings in time and waste, with sustainability benefits.

  • New Accucheck
    Checking: Accucheck

    According to Bobst the new Accucheck guarantees complete quality consistency and ensures that brand owners’ requirements are being met. Fully integrated into a folding-gluing line, it checks every package and non-standard boxes are ejected at full production speed, ensuring zero-fault packaging. On the new Accucheck, the inspection can be set according to various criteria, covering all customer needs. It also inspects varnished, metallised and embossed blanks. The system has many other options, such as PDF proofing, providing inspection report and smart text identification using machine learning, which is a world premiere on the market.

  • Masterstar laminator
    According to Bobst the new Masterstar sheet-to-sheet laminator simply has no equivalent in the market. A configurable design and options enable a custom-made configuration. It has a performance of 10,000 sheets per hour, aided by its progressive sheet alignment system – Power Aligner S and SL – which eliminates the need to stop the sheet and makes it possible to significantly reduce the base weight of the printed sheet. It matches printed sheet and substrate sheet with what Bobst claimns is an accuracy never seen before on a sheet-to-sheet laminator. It comes with the option to add a fully automatic single face sheet feeder system and a fully automatic delivery system.

For the flexible packaging industry

  • Master CI
    Master CI
    Flexo: Master CI
    The new Master CI flexo press comes with innovative technologies in CI flexo printing. Bobst says the combination of exclusive smart technologies, including smartGPS GEN II, and advanced automation, makes all press operations easy and fast, optimising usability and maximizing press uptime. Productivity is exceptional; up to 7000 jobs per year or 22 million stand-up pouches in 24 hours with one operator, helped by the smartDroid robotic system that does the entire press setup without human intervention. It features the Job Recipe Management (JRM) System for a digitalised production workflow from file to finished product with creation of a digital twin of the produced reels. The level of automation and connectivity enables dramatic reductions in waste and makes the output 100 per cent consistent in colour and quality.

  • Nova D 800 Laminator
    Laminating: Bobst Nova
    Laminating: Bobst Nova 800

    The new multi-technology Nova D 800 Laminator offers what Bobst says is best-in-class technical and process performance with all run lengths, types of substrates, adhesives and web combinations. Automation makes job changes simple, fast and without tools for higher machine uptime and fast time-to-market. Features of this compact laminator include the availability of Bobst flexo trolley for high speed coating of solvent-based adhesives with high solid content, along with cost saving performance. The optical and functional qualities of the laminated structures perform with all the technologies available: water-based, solvent-based, solventless adhesive lamination, and in-register cold seal, lacquering and additional colour applications.

  • Master M6 equipped with IoD/DigiColor
    The Master M6 inline flexo press has been delivering flexibility to produce high quality short-to-mid-size runs of labels and packaging production. The machine can now also integrate the innovations Ink-on-Demand (IoD) and DigiColor inking and colour control. Both systems work on all substrates and are suitable for all run lengths. The Master M6 is fully automated with Bobst’s exclusive DigiFlexo automation, and is oneECG technology ready, delivering non-stop production through a centralised, digitalised press operation, and full colour consistency with the master reference. The press also features technologies for traceability of food packaging applications.

For all industries

  • oneECG
    oneECG is Bobst’s Extended Color Gamut technology deployed across analogue and digital printing for label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board. ECG refers to a set of inks – typically six or seven – to achieve a colour gamut larger than the traditional CMYK, ensuring colour repeatability irrespective of the operator’s skill. Bobst says the technology delivers colour brilliance, repeatability and consistency worldwide, faster time-to-market, saving of substrate and consumables, and high profitability with all run lengths. Its adoption also means savings in set-up time, with no more time wasted on changes of inks, washing of print decks, or ink mixing. For web-fed CI and inline flexo printing, oneECG offers end-to-end solutions developed in collaboration with leading industry partners from pre-press to the printed and converted reels. These solutions are tailored to the specific process requirements of the flexo type technology.

  • Digital Inspection Table
    The new large format version of the Digital Inspection Table (DIT) is a novel technology designed to drive productivity and virtually remove print production errors. It incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs. It uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sample with quality control imaging, enabling the operator to easily see if quality standards are matched or compromised.

“In the current situation, automation and connectivity are more important than ever, and greater digitalisation is helping to drive these,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst.

“Meanwhile, achieving greater sustainability is arguably the single most important current goal in all manufacturing. By uniting all of these elements in our products and solutions, we are shaping the future of the packaging world.”

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