Bright into gap with Twenty 20 Binding

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Bright Print Group has started a new trade binding business, Twenty 20 Binding, stepping into the gap left in NSW when Sydney Binders decided to close its doors last week.

Twenty 20 Binding open for business: Debbie Burgess
Twenty 20 Binding open for business: Debbie Burgess

The new business is already up and running, with Bright buying one of the two Muller Martini Acoro perfect binding lines that were in operation at Sydney Binding.

Debbie Burgess, director of Bright Print, said, “It has all come together quickly and seamlessly. It was not what I was expecting, and certainly not in the middle of the Covid crisis. The new trade house is now up and running and already doing work.

“We made the move because the NSW print industry needs a perfect binding line. Bright Print was a major customer of Sydney Binding, we were sending work there every week. We needed a new supplier, and we needed one in Sydney, using interstate services would not have worked for us due to scheduling demands.

“One of the benefits of being a family-owned company is that we have an agility in decision making and execution. Setting up a new trade binding house was the clear solution, for us and for the rest of the NSW print industry. We are delighted with the way it has worked out.”

The Muller Martini Acoro is still at the Rockdale premises that houses Sydney Binding, but it will be coming over to Wetherell Park in the next month or two.

Burgess said, “We have a completely separate 1600sqm facility the building that will house Twenty 20 Binding and its equipment. The current tenant is in the process of moving out.”

The new business will be run by long time Sydney Binding manager Jun Hu, with a handful of other staff from the closed business making the move. One of the former owners John McPherson will come over as a consultant for a period. Twenty 20 has also bought a couple of folding lines and a guillotine along with the Acoro.

Burgess said, “The trade bindery will be run completely separately from Bright Print with no crossover between the two. I know some printers may have concerns about sending their work to a company associated with a rival, what I can say to them is that we are people of integrity, John and I are third-generation printers who have been around a long time. There will be no issues.”

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